A Thousand Slimy Things and I (2012)

A short film by Katherine Blakeney
Narration by Katherine Blakeney
Vocals by Keith Jack
Running Time: 12:03 minutes
Color, NTSC, Stereo, 16:9
©2012 Katherine Blakeney

A dark, gothic reinvention of an Orkadian legend that asks if true courage lies in the sword of a hero, or the heart of a slimy thing…
Thorvald, the lonely hero of this tale, is plunged into an abyss of darkness and doubt. His journey will take him over forbidding cliffs, Gothic ruins, haunted lochs, and glowing monstrous ribcages, blurring the boundaries of truth and falsehood. It is a journey that will transform him forever in ways he could never have imagined, and make him question whether true courage lies in the sword of a hero, or the heart of a slimy thing. Thorvald’s epic voyage is
presented through a fusion of stop motion animation and computer generated visual effects.

Cast and Crew

Katherine Blakeney – Director, Animator, Narrator, Set and Costume Designer, Screenwriter, Art Director, Editor, Sound Mixer, Special Effects Designer

Keith Jack – Vocals

Vivian Stoll and Beth Waller – Instrumental Arrangements

Henry Purcell – Composer

This film is dedicated to Monsters and all Slimy Things.

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