Greetings! Welcome to the online planet of Katherine Blakeney – author, animator, illustrator, archaeologist, film historian and self-confessed archaeovoyeur.

“Come freely. Go safely; and leave something of the happiness you bring!”
– Dracula (Dracula, by Bram Stoker)

Latest News:

I’ve got an Artist Alley table at Big Apple Comic Con’s Christmas show on December 17th, 2022! Come and visit to see my latest art and a preview of my upcoming secret project with Wayward Raven Media.

The Junkyard of Eden is making its festival rounds:

The links above (and below) will teleport you to various areas of my domain.

Illustration and Graphic Novels is all about my illustrated works, including samples, dream projects and a link to my official portfolio.
My animation fortress, Yorwick Castle Studio, guards my stop motion short films and commissioned projects as well as photo galleries of sets, props, characters and costumes that I designed. Details of upcoming screenings can be found there.
The Novels portal leads to my literary works, including my debut novel about extraterrestrial archaeology, Digging in the Stars (Blaze Publishing, 2017) and details about my works-in-progress, mostly Historical Fiction.
Silent Monsters is the pathway into my Film Studies research, which continues to inform every aspect of my life and art. This page builds on my PhD thesis at the University of Edinburgh, UK on Silent Era Adaptations of Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Gothic Novels with a Special Emphasis on Aesthetic and Psychological Interpretations of the Monster Figure. Get to know all of my favorite twisted, misunderstood, and distorted denizens of Silent Era cinema.
Step through the Archaeology portal to learn about my adventures with the South Asasif Conservation Project, an archaeological dig in Luxor, Egypt that I’ve been working with since 2001.
Archaeovoyeur’s Treasure Trove is my blog about digging up and treasuring the ancient, the arcane, the old-fashioned, the antique and otherwise antediluvian in the unlikeliest places. I call it archaeovoyeurism