The Junkyard of Eden (2021)

***This film is on submission to international film festivals and is currently not available online. A password-protected screener is available on request.***

The full video will be posted here as soon as the festival run is completed. See “Festivals, Screenings and Awards” below for the latest updates on upcoming screenings.

A short film by Katherine Blakeney
 Running Time: 7:04 minutes
Color, NTSC, Stereo, 16:9
Stop motion animation with digital effects
©2021 Katherine Blakeney

In this stop motion animated short, the world’s last woman traverses a post-apocalyptic junkyard to save her beloved, who has been turned into a brainwashed automaton by a computer-wielding tyrant. Harnessing the powers of art and nature against oppression and soulless technology, she battles to redeem what remains of her lover’s humanity and reawaken life on Earth.

Cast and Crew

Directed and Animated by:  Katherine Blakeney
Produced by:                        Katherine Blakeney
Editing:                                Katherine Blakeney
Music Composed by:            Henry Purcell, Katherine Blakeney
Instrumentals by:                   Vivian Stoll and Beth Waller
Vocals by:                             Keith Jack
Sound Mixing and Editing:   Katherine Blakeney

Festivals, Screenings and Awards

March 12-13

May 7, 2022

October 22, 2021

November 4 – 6, 2021

October 23, 2021

Absurd Art House Film Festival, Blue Town, Kent, UK