Digging in the Stars (Blaze Publishing, 2017)

Carter’s destiny is written in the stars. All she has to do is dig.

Digging in the stars (eBook)16-year-old archaeologist Carter searches for her abducted friend and a legendary lost 
tomb on the distant Planet Thror, aided by a 300-year-old journal, archaeology skills and 
a band of misfit classmates. But the masked shadows lurking among the volcanic mountain
 ranges want the past to remain buried…

Young Adult, Science Fiction


Works In Progress:

Dreams, ideas, works-in-progress and unpublished projects.

The Potter (Working Title)

In the spring of 1918, Paris is swept by a series of ritualistic murders targeting the war veteran clients of a prosthetic mask workshop. Three women forge an unlikely alliance in order to stop a maliciously sophisticated serial killer.

Historical Mystery, Adult

Status: Completed manuscript. Represented by Kaitlyn Johnson of Belcastro Agency.

The Wolves Of Vendôme

Richard, a disfigured American fighter pilot in 1920s Paris stages a surreal theatrical operation to punish the traitors who destroyed his face and identity, and at the same time stop them from initiating WWII.

Historical Mystery, Adult

Status: Completed manuscript

The Seventh Art

The Seventh Art is a historical thriller set against the backdrop of the turbulent New York film industry in 1909. Film, a feral, newborn art unlike any seen before promises a voice to the excluded, but it may claim their lives and souls in return.Told from the POVs of rival brothers, The Seventh Art is a dramatic tale of misfits clashing in mortal battle with each other and a world that has no place for them. All for one last chance to refashion their lives through the magic of filmmaking.

Historical Thriller, Adult

Status: Completed Manuscript, Querying